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A Dohar Is All You Need For a Good Night’s Sleep

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India will soon receive the summer blankets. An air-conditioned room can benefit from a summer blanket for warmth and sleep. Comforters, quilts, and dohars are among the many lightweight, breathable blankets available this summer. The cotton dohar are one of the best summer blankets for staying cool.

The dohar is a lovely bedchamber ornament. Winters are warm, and summers are cool with this blanket. Its two cotton and one flannel layer make it soft, lightweight, and accommodating.

All the details about a cotton dohar for summer you need to know before purchasing one for the current season have been covered in this article. Let’s check them out!

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● Cool summer vibes.

Do you get tired of lugging around heavy blankets every winter? Now is the time to eliminate that heavy blanket by using dohars. You might wonder how you could forget to buy a good summer blanket when replacing everything to make your bedroom summer-ready.

You can access a fantastic variety of organic cotton dohar in all sizes, colours, and forms. Pick organic cotton blankets that complements the relaxed, summery feel you want to achieve in your bedroom.

● 100% cotton material

The dohars' cotton construction makes them a comfortable choice for the warmer months. Cotton has many uses and benefits, including being a breathable material. The soft cotton bedding will keep you warm and cosy all night long.

The extra heat will help you sleep well all night. The dohar blankets of 100% cotton offer superior comfort so you can ditch wool and silk.

● Don't let you sweat

Can you get warm under the covers? Summer block print dohar are made to keep you warm and cosy at night without adding extra heat. Alternatively, synthetic blankets and comforters can cause nighttime overheating.

The cotton dohar blanket wick away moisture and keep you dry and comfortable during the night. Therefore, you can rest easy each night.

● Great for any time of year

Do you still make the seasonal blanket swap? When one blanket provides adequate warmth and comfort in summer and winter, why buy two? Dohars are ideal in any weather, as they can be worn year-round.

Since they insulate in winter and cool in summer, dohars can be worn year-round. As a result, the cotton dohar for summer is a practical investment that can be used year-round.

● Light as a feather

Do your thick blankets weigh you down at bedtime? Many summertime sleepers buy a lightweight, breathable blanket. A double bed dohar for summer is a lightweight, comfortable alternative to a comforter or blanket.

It's constructed with three layers—enough to provide the desired warmth thanks to two cotton and one flannel layer. The hand print dohar is incredibly lightweight; wearing one won't prevent you from breathing.

● Easy to clean

Cleaning heavy blankets is difficult because they don't fit in the washing machine. To maintain the quality of thick blankets, you must regularly wash them at a cost. The dohars, however, will facilitate your cleaning efforts.

The dohars can be laundered with regular detergent in the washing machine. Cleaning your dohar doesn't require you to go through a million and one procedures. You can buy hand block print dohar online.

● Value for money

Do dohars provide value for money? It would be best if you didn't think twice about purchasing a cotton dohar online for your room. Dohars can be purchased for a lower price than the average blanket. They're crafted from premium cotton fabric so everyone can wear them confidently.

In addition, a single dohar online can be used throughout the year. So, a blanket's primary function is to keep you warm.


Bedding, like clothing, should serve a practical purpose. Let's invest in some dohar set this year and experience the shift it brings about.

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A Dohar Is All You Need For a Good Night’s Sleep

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